CookinIn Brooklyn is destined to become your Number One source for discovering the best bars, happy hours, brunch, restaurants, music, and exciting nightlife in Brooklyn and its neighborhoods.

We keep it simple, fast, and accurate!

It’s no wonder our city is one of the most famous in the world. We have everything you could ever want. From world class business and industry to famous art and many of the world’s greatest musicians.

In addition to that, Brooklyn has a spectacular selection of amazingly creative and delightful restaurants and night spots. No matter what your taste or preference, there are bound to be several perfect selections that seem like they were custom made for you.

But how to find them? In the past you would needed to live in Brooklyn for 20 years to know the full intricacies of our amazing city. But today, you only need CookinIn Brooklyn.

Founded by Richard K Anderson, Cookinin Brooklyn helps you cut through the clutter to find Brooklyn’s best cheeseburger or the trendiest new restaurant.

Cookinin Brooklyn’s expert editorial team made up of Brooklyn natives pulls together the best or the trendiest brunch, happy hours, restaurants and nightspots in Brooklyn

Simply click the category you’re looking for. Then see professional photos and informed descriptions to make your choices quickly and easily. Because the less time you spend searching for the best, the more time you can spend exploring the best Brooklyn has to offer.

Cookinin Brooklyn will never compromise our opinions for commercial gain. If you read something written by Cookinin Brooklyn we are telling you what we really think. That’s the Brooklyn way!

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